Samuel Lee is an American singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN. Originally from Denver, CO, Samuel's music is equal parts vintage roots rock and blue eyed soul.

"Sam cleverly and strategically leaves his fans always wanting more...If it hadn’t been established before on any of his previous albums and EPs, it most certainly has now; soulful is truly Sam’s M.O." -Nashville Unsigned

“There are those people who you’re pretty sure are just going to blaze out. They’re going to roar and roar and roar. They’re going to keep clocking miles on their odometers. They’re going to befriend as many folks as they can. They’re going to burn all of the midnight oil… They’ll open themselves up for you, become vulnerable, and love every second of it… Samuel Lee is one of those people.” -Daytrotter

"incredibly powerful vocal chops, and he belts with considerable conviction...fortunately he's also got a knack for penning upbeat, catchy tunes" -Denver Westword

"the epitome of a storyteller...his lyrics are personal, raw, relatable, and his stage presence is intimate" -Colorado Music Buzz





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