Native to Denver, Colorado, Samuel Lee is a rock & soul singer/songwriter growing out of music city USA: Nashville, Tennessee.

A long time local favorite in Denver, Lee has toured hard all over the country since 2010, received widespread independent radio love with two critically acclaimed albums, and earned a reputation as one of the hardest working independent songwriters in the world. Says Daytrotter:     “There are those people who you’re pretty sure are just going to blaze out. They’re going to roar and roar and roar. They’re going to keep clocking miles on their odometers. They’re going to befriend as many folks as they can. They’re going to burn all of the midnight oil… They’ll open themselves up for you, become vulnerable, and love every second of it… Samuel Lee is one of those people.”


Born Samuel Lee Pritchett in Dallas, Texas on March 20th 1988, Lee moved to and was raised in Denver until his mid teenage years, when he left to attend a boarding school on the east coast. While away at school, he learned rudimentary blues guitar and began singing and self-educating in music theory.

After one semester as a vocal major and three more years of pre-law study while playing in bands in the Denver indie rock scene, Lee dropped out of school in 2010 and began a solo career as a singer/songwriter. 


After introducing himself to the world with his slick pop/rock debut “Better Half”, Lee spent the subsequent years earning his stripes as an independent road warrior. As a result, his second effort “Raise Your Flag”— a hard fought, year long, thirteen track endeavor was more introspective. While still pop oriented, “Raise Your Flag” ventured into nostalgic rock styles and more self-aware and even self-critical lyrical storytelling. At the same time, Lee’s identity as a soulful, blues and rock inspired multi-instrumentalist began to take shape with his second album.

Now with the release of “Doctor, Devil, Priest” a darker, more soulful effort, Lee has begun to strip away the superfluous from his arrangements and songwriting to allow his man-sized voice and melodic instrumentalism to take center-stage in the presentation of ever more honest and thoughtful lyrics.


Since 2010, Samuel has performed hundreds of shows, opening for major acts, headlining small clubs, organizing house concerts and writers nights, and playing shows at colleges big and small, all across the country. He’s performed at Daytrotter three times, SXSW in Austin, TX, Dever’s Underground Music Showcase and dozens of other festivals. 

For years, Lee suffered from untreated depression, drug addiction and alcoholism. These days as a recovered addict, maybe the defining characteristic of his songwriting is the reconciliation of that difficult past and an undeterred hopefulness for the future. Lee works with other musicians in the recovery community as well as numerous organizations that support mental and physical health in the arts and the community at large. Ipso Facto, he’s a pretty good dude.